Monthly Favorites - March 2017

The temperature is rising each day, seems like the Summer is awaiting at the doorstep impatiently for the Spring to be gone. Though it rained some days, it wasn't sufficient enough to cool down the earth. I'm trifle worried thinking of the days ahead, as the TV channels keep predicting a scorching Summer this year. April-May is the Summer or Pre-Monsoon season in my country, in case you're wondering why I ramble on about Summer here.

I'm planning on reading Summer themed books in the coming months, hopefully, one or two classics too. If you've any recommendation, please do share it in the comments section. I would appreciate it. At the same time, I'm quite unsure about finding enough time, now that I've got my exam schedule dates. I'm fretting already. On the bright side, I can blog regularly once my exams are finally over. I miss writing the drafts and small talks with the publishers. But that's the topic for an another post.
March wasn't very…

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